Ethical Issues in AI

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A course offered at Chautauqua Institution
John Hooker, Study leader

12:30 Ė 2:00 pm
1-5 July 2024
Hultquist 201A

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Course Outline

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Module 1


Course objectives

Module 2

What is AI?

Essence of AI; AI hype; Beneath the hype; AI technologies; ML is not magic; Overfitting; Trial and error

Module 3

Why ethics?

Ethics as a negotiation tool; Ethics and religion; Ethics and rationality; Facts and values

Module 4

Ethical principles

Basic assumptions; Generalization principle; Human decision making; Utilitarian principle; Autonomy principle

Module 5

A classic case study

Ford Pinto; Ethical analysis

Module 6

Self-driving cars

The future of cars; AVs on the road; The Moral Machine and value alignment

Module 7

Content moderation

Recommender systems; Case study: Inciting violence;
Case study: Impact on young people

Module 8

Bias in AI systems

Example: Mortgage decisions; What to do about bias? Assessing bias metrics

Module 9

Online privacy

Surveillance; Privacy and utility; Privacy and generalizability; Privacy and culture; Privacy and autonomy

Module 10

Generative AI

Language models; Generative adversarial networks;
ChatGPT etc.; Ethics of GPTs

Module 11

AI and intellectual property

Plagiarism; Intellectual property; Natural property rights; Ethical analysis of IP; Movement away from IP

Module 12

Technological unemployment

Future of employment; Wealth distribution; Worker ownership; Augmentation; A firmís ethical dilemma

Module 13

Robots as agents

Autonomous robots; Duties to machines; Duties of machines; Robot masters? Responsibility; Living with machines; Robots vs androids; Robots as agents