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Past Winners of the Kerr Award

BSBA Winners

The undergraduate (BSBA) prize was first awarded in 2000.

2003 - Sean H. Park, The Kyoto Protocol: Ethical and Economic Issues in Emission Trading

2002 - Alexander Chan, Problems Related to the Accounting Industry and Accounting Standards: 
Evaluation of Proposed Reform Measures

2001 - Nykia Wright, Financial Derivatives: Reactively Eliminate or Prudently Regulate?

2000 - Andrew S. Chiu, The Ethics of Internet Privacy

MBA Winners

2003 - No award 

2002 - Todd Justman, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap: Technology and the Issue of Music Piracy

2001 - Marla A. Block, Decoding the Book of Life:  Are Genomes Proprietary?

2000 - Matthew Levy, A New Tool for a New Economy (Community development venture capital 

1999 - M. Lisa Swoboda, The Ethics of Pharma-Economics: An Examination of Corporate 
Responsibility in the Pharmaceutical Industry

1998 - James C. Tragakis, The Ethics of Part-Time Employment (large file)

1997 - Dinesh Ramde, Double Trouble: To Clone or Not to Clone

1996 - No prize awarded

1995 - Steven C. Blackmore, The Need for Ethics in Corporate Boardrooms: An Analysis of 
Current Ethical Issues in the Context of Legal Requirements