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Center for International Corporate Responsibility

The center operated from 2002 to 2012.  Its activities are summarized below. 

Mission -- To raise awareness and increase understanding of the global consequences of corporate decisions.  Also to raise ethical awareness among students at the Tepper School of Business and provide ethics resources to faculty.

Director -- John Hooker, T. Jerome Holleran Professor of Business Ethics and Social Responsibility, Professor of Operations Research, Tepper School of Business


  • Conference organization, including four Conferences on International Corporate Responsibility (Pittsburgh, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Doha).  These were unique gatherings in which scholars from widely different cultural backgrounds engaged in intense dialog. 

  • Conference proceedings.

  • Ethics Lunches at the Tepper School (standing room only at most)

  • Lectures and faculty workshops at the Tepper School, including talks by George Soros and John Dunning

  • Ethics micro-courses for MBA students, a startup grant for Journal of Business Ethics Education, and support for student organizations.

  • Websites with ethics cases and teaching materials, including the Arthur Andersen Case Study collection.

  • An ethics webinar consisting of six 30-minute videos:


Lowell Steinbrenner, the Carnegie Bosch Institute, the Qatar Foundation, Exxon-Mobil, and Lowell Strohl